Zimmerman Auto LLC began over 25 years ago by an entrepreneur in Cantril, IA. a small farming community in the southeast quadrant of the state. The primary beginning focus was automotive, namely rebuilding and repairing cars and trucks. In 2009 Trailer sales became a part of the business and was soon followed by trailer and truck body manufacturing. This manufacturing aspect has now become the primary focus of the company.
Our Zimmerman Truck Bodies line has positioned itself as a source of choice for light to medium duty truck bodies! We offer models in Aluminum and Steel with Aluminum being our primary focus. Whether your need is light hauling, pulling, or service we have it covered by incorporating B & W Hitches and LED lighting in our standard product line. Zimmerman Truck Bodies are engineered carefully with designs that solve problems.
Zimmerman Trailers are an all-Aluminum line of trailers. We are offering an all new redesigned car hauler and utility style trailer and adding models and features rapidly.

Zimmerman Trailers and Zimmerman Truck Bodies provide the marketplace with unique, innovative, quality products designed with simplicity and integrity. We are a distinguished excelling company dedicated to accepting and overcoming the challenges as they are presented. We know you were looking for the best in quality, workmanship, and integrity… and you have found it!

We are most happy to be of service to you!!